Rock garden

      Rock garden แบ่งออกเป็น 3 ประเภทดังนี้ Igneous Rock Sedimentary Rock and Metamorphic Rock

      1. Lgneous Rock
            Ignees are formed from the hardening of molten rock or magma within the earth's crust, called igneous rock, but if solidified within the crust. Calling a deep igneous rock or interfering igneous rock

      2. Sedimentary Rock
            Sedimentary rocks are rocks composed of different sediments, coagulated or joined together tightly, hard, rocky. This type of rock is formed by geological processes occurring on the Earth's surface. This type of rock is divided into 3 groups: Granular Sediment, Crystalline Sediment, and Organic Sediment.

      3. Metamorphic Rock
            Metamorphic rock is a metamorphic rock from the original rock. By the effect of heat Pressures and chemical reactions cause the original rock to alter the minerals, make up the rock, or change the structure within the rock. The original rock will not be melted, divided into two groups: ore that is arranged and ores are not arranged.