Cactus and succulent plants

      Indeed, the cactus plant was inspired by a visit to a palm plantation in SanDiego, Southern California. There are many different types of them The Mammillaria Melocactus Mitrocereus Astrophytum Ferocactus Neodawsonia Oputia Rhipsalis Echinocactus Agave Aloe, etc. The source has been bred from the furthest is Southern California, Samut Sakhon Province. Kham Thiang Tree Market, Chiang Mai, along with receiving advice on cactus from Ajarn Tat. And Khun Pornthip Wasuthar in the cactus circle in the north, if you mention the name of Ajarn That Wasuthara, then no one will not know you. Pyramid of the cycad garden, which includes more than 80 species or 400-500 trees.