Tweechol Botanical Garden

     Is a center of various types of plants This place is divided into 4 tents together. Before walking to see the tree in each tent, you will see two Nagas made of wood that has been trimmed into a dragon It glides back and forth to a length of 320 meters. Which measures 5 meters from the ground

     After that, we walked into each tent. The first tent consisted of wild orchids and pineapples of various colors within the second tent. It is a model waterfall surrounded by ferns, palm trees and various leaves under the waterfall. With a group of koi fish that swim around Very beautiful The third tent is filled with various types of plants, such as Philodendron, fern, pitcher plant, nariogolny, anthurium shoes, between exiting the third to the fourth tent, there will be orchids, wicker cattleya, and enter the tent. The fourth is filled with more than 200 types of cacti and succulents.

      For those who don't have much time The staff will guide you to the center point. Which is a collection of all kinds of wood species that are shortened in this area From time to time, there will be a family that takes their children to take the opportunity to take the picnic area to rest Joyfully